Sunday, January 30, 2011

A sneak peek of one of the things soon to come....

Good morning.
I have my first customer! So excited!
My little brain is going a hundred miles a minute on different things that I can create without having to pay someone else (ie: I am a former owner of a Cafe press store that failed me because I made less money than I had to pay for their fees.) So anyways lesson learned.... I hope that making my stuff available through blogspot and facebook will work out better for me. Besides there is a more personal element when I make my own things.
So I will be selling things other than my shelf-sitters and first up will be a way to sell my artwork.
I won't tell you how yet (whats the fun in ruining the surprise?) But I will tell you it will be high-quality and something that you should love a lot!
Another sneak peek is that I will host give aways as my buisness grows so if you want something for free you have to follow me and get me more followers so I can make enough to do a give away. *Wink, wink...hint, hint*
Thanks for checking this blog out I appreciate the friendship and love. I will leave you today with a drawing that was of a friend's photo that I really couldn't resist giving a go.

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