Holiday Shelf Sitters

Holiday Shelf Sitters

Each are $20.00 USD
 Plus Shipping (per order)
 $5.00 anywhere in the US
$6.00 Canada 
all other international orders will vary
If you are like me and love to decorate your house for any or all holidays I am sure my little shelf sitters will fit right into any house. 
Stay tuned for more to be added as our popularity grows.

Introducing the one that started it all.......
A little Elf decked in Christmas Cheer
I hope he will be brought out to watch over each and every year

This Santa Claus Is round and jolly. So he isn't too lonely.. soon to come Mrs. Claus

This Rudolph won't be laughed at or called names his shiny nose is perfect for guiding Santa's Sleigh.

The snow won't melt this little Snowman. Dressed in a sharp top hat his scarf is sure to keep him warm on chilly nights.

A friendly little Jack O'lantern is sure to bring smiles instead of scares.
However if you prefer a trick instead a frightful face can be painted, its our treat.

(please indicate when ordering our Jack O'lantern which face you prefer. Happy, Scary, Evil, Yawning, laughing, and goofy are available.  Or Tell me to surprise never know what you will get. ) 

We hope you'll let our Witch put a spell on you

Complete with an Easter Basket full of died eggs and even a chocolate bunny.
We hope our Easter Bunny will hippity-hop right into your hearts.

Stay tuned more will be added.....
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