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Shortly after I recieve your order I will email you an invoice from Paypal
(shipping $5.00 anywhere in the US, $6.00 Canada, all other international will vary ~ Per order)
Please allow 2-3 weeks for production and shipping.

Name: _____________________________________________________________________
Shipping Address: ____________________________________________________________
Email Address: ______________________________________________________________

Shelf Sitter Desired: __________________________________________________________
Options are as follows
Cranio Boy/Girl with zig-zag scar |
 Cranio Boy/Girl with swoop scar |
Cranio Boy/Girl with other scar |
Post-Op Baby w/bandage girl/boy |
 Post-Op Older child with bandage |
Helmet Baby Boy/Girl (please provide picture of child in helmet that you wish to have replicated) |
Cleft Baby Boy/Girl |
Angel Baby Boy/Girl |
Holiday Sitters: Elf, Santa, Rudolph, Snowman, Jack O'lantern, Witch, Easter Bunny

Most Sitters are personalized please include the following info:

For all babies please specify Boy or Girl, skin color, hair color, & eye color.

Scar: Zig-Zag, Swoop, Other(please be specific on other or send pic of child's scar)

Type of Mouth desired
toothy grin, pacifier, or closed mouth grin (does not apply to angel babies and cleft )

Date personalized on bib if any
ie: Cranioversary, Helmet graduation, Birthday, Angel Day
(for angel babies date can be written on bottom of diaper /older kids can have dates written on hospital gown)

If ordering a Jack O'Lantern please specify Happy, Scary, Evil, Yawning, laughing, goofy OR surprise Me) 

Thank you for your order.
Any Other Questions feel free to email me anytime