Sunday, January 30, 2011

A sneak peek of one of the things soon to come....

Good morning.
I have my first customer! So excited!
My little brain is going a hundred miles a minute on different things that I can create without having to pay someone else (ie: I am a former owner of a Cafe press store that failed me because I made less money than I had to pay for their fees.) So anyways lesson learned.... I hope that making my stuff available through blogspot and facebook will work out better for me. Besides there is a more personal element when I make my own things.
So I will be selling things other than my shelf-sitters and first up will be a way to sell my artwork.
I won't tell you how yet (whats the fun in ruining the surprise?) But I will tell you it will be high-quality and something that you should love a lot!
Another sneak peek is that I will host give aways as my buisness grows so if you want something for free you have to follow me and get me more followers so I can make enough to do a give away. *Wink, wink...hint, hint*
Thanks for checking this blog out I appreciate the friendship and love. I will leave you today with a drawing that was of a friend's photo that I really couldn't resist giving a go.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I am so Excited to finally open this blog

I am not a natural blogger you see so its a small miracle that I managed to put this little page together. Now that I know What I'm doing I may just have to switch my yahoo website on over to blogspot. However it was a lot of work to get put together on yahoo so it will surely be a lot of work to move over here.

Look out world a new bogger is born....

I hope as you become familiar with Mel's Knack that you will not only like what you see but also let others know that you like what you see. I have a creative streak just waiting to be released onto the world and hopefully that creativity and art will help bring some awareness to the rest of the world as well as smiles on all your faces. Be Sure to check out the products in my tabs at the top of the page and follow me.

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